Choose your own adventure

CA was founded on vision — on one person’s ability to see possibility where no one else did. From the beginning, this sense of unlimited potential has guided the growth of our business and our people. We are a global network of passionate, diverse and entrepreneurial professionals that believe in our collective ability to transform vision into reality.


A people-first kind of a place

Our employee benefits are considered some of the most comprehensive and competitive in the industry. In addition to our robust health and retirement offerings, we provide our employees with a wide variety of work-life benefits. We believe in maximizing our employees’ health, wealth, and happiness, which is why we go the distance to provide benefits that our team members most desire. Employee benefits will vary depending on location.


Keeping our employees and their family members healthy is important. We work with our healthcare and benefits provider to explore different ways we can structure our health and wellness programs to offer the most affordable and competitive benefits possible. 


We offer competitive compensation along with retirement plans and financial management tools to help our team members manage today’s expenses and build their financial futures.


At CA, we know an individual’s happiness contributes to the team’s overall success. We don’t strive for work-life balance; we strive for work life integration. We provide the environment, events and opportunities that turn the work hard, play hard” concept into a reality.


We believe the ability to adapt and learn is one of the most important factors in long-term career success, which is why CA offers continued learning and development opportunities to its employees.

We have built a global network of remarkable people. We learn together, achieve success together and have fun while we’re doing it.


We don’t balance — we integrate

We’ve built a culture of trust and innovation. We believe in seeking excellence with autonomy and creating a community of passionate professionals. At CA, we are committed to our values and believe in developing and investing in our people. Our culture positions us to provide our clients with tangible results in a high-energy, passionate and collaborative work environment.

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Internship Program

Not your average internship

CA’s internship program spans a wide range of career paths. Whether your interests lie in development, investments, property operations and marketing, accounting or any of our many other options, an internship with us prepares you for success in the real estate investment management industry. Get a tase of a fast-paced work environment with an action-packed calendar full of career development and relationship building activities. 

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