Property Management

Beyond the typical management company

At CA, we understand the full life cycle of an asset, from land purchase to disposition. Our experience owning and operating a global portfolio of assets, including student and residential communities, informs every decision we make as a property manager. Personalized service, coupled with significant investments in technology, sustainability and wellness, results in exceptional residential experiences that drive operational performance.

Business unusual

CA’s fully integrated platform allows us to approach property management different from our peers. We begin collaborating with our development, investment and asset management teams at project inception, not completion. We infuse the ownership mentality into the project as it evolves, which ensures that resident satisfaction and operational efficiencies are never afterthoughts. Through this process, we deliver the perfect product-market fit to achieve long-term success for our capital partners, residents, community members and staff.

  • Operations and resident management
  • Revenue management
  • Facilities management
  • Pre-development consulting
  • Training and compliance
  • Project management
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Budget management
  • Accounting services
  • New development lease-up
  • Expense and purchasing control
  • Sustainability and integrated wellness
Areas of Expertise

More than just a place to live

At CA, we believe in putting the experience of the resident at the epicenter of every decision we make. The spaces we provide are no more than conduits for the experiences that our residents have. When you combine one-of-a-kind amenities, thoughtful resident programming and the unmatched customer service that the CA team curates, you get a recipe for high resident retention and a self-perpetuating reputation as best-in-class. We cater our approach to the unique.


As a firm that got its start in student housing, we wrote the textbook on private, pedestrian-oriented residences near top-tier universities. Our communities set the curve in their respective markets by combining best-in-class amenities with extensive social and academic programming that enhances the college experience. We know what students and parents want and how to design and operate communities in a way that exceeds those expectations while achieving targeted returns on behalf of investors.


CA’s residential portfolio spans gateway cities across the U.S., delivering the high-caliber amenities, diverse floor plans, and urban walkability today’s renters seek. Our experienced management team creates value throughout an asset’s lifecycle by consistently providing hospitality-level service and programming designed to promote resident wellness and foster a sense of community. As part of CA’s commitment to innovation, we utilize the latest property technology to enhance resident satisfaction through added convenience and eco-friendly operations.

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Special Operations

Technical experts, unique global perspective

Our special operations team is comprised of technical experts in wellness, sustainability, property technology and resident experience. We leverage these services from project concept through completion to ensure that the physical spaces are designed to support our operational goals and enhance resident satisfaction.


We focus on making health and wellness accessible, approachable and easy for our residents. From the fitness amenity spaces to the programming and activities. We enable and encourage our residents to be holistically well by focusing on seven pillars of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational. These pillars are integrated into the day-to-day lives of our clients via optional, incremental, and easy choices woven into services, amenities, events, and more. This focus on wellness leads to happier and healthier individuals, communities and society.


The team provides guidance on managing the environmental, social risks and impacts of our operations, applying mitigation strategies to anticipate, avoid, or minimize adverse impacts on workers, communities, and the environment. Through a state-of-the-art utility management software, the team tracks the electricity, gas, water, and waste performance of each building, implements energy efficiency measures and reports to our stakeholders on key sustainability metrics. Finally, the team regularly engages with local stakeholders and promotes social programs in order to build strong relationships with our surrounding communities.


Technology is so important to the future of not only residential, but all built environments. CA’s vice president of technology is responsible for identifying and implementing cutting edge innovation and technology across all new and existing assets Smart technology for the home and office is still in its infancy, and the systems to control the back end of all gadgets that make out lives easier is incredibly important to our operating team and clients. Additionally, we continue to evolve and innovate our leasing and reporting data. This data helps us make decisions and track year over year progress. We are taking the gut decision making out of the equation and making strategic decisions based on data.


Experience is everything. At CA, we have a dedicated team with expertise in optimizing the customer experience through exemplary service, attention to detail, and qualitative data-driven decision making. Though our buildings are programmed to be the top of the market, our amenities are best-in-class, and our technology is second-to-none, the thing that truly sets CA apart is the careful selection and training of team members to provide world-class experiences. Every decision is powered by insights we gather throughout a resident’s stay to ensure that each experience is personalized, and retention is optimized. We provide a never-ending evolution of services and technologies that deliver unparalleled living experiences.

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Being a part of the CA team is being a part of an innovative, diverse and dynamic culture. Opportunities and experiences are limitless!

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