Giuseppe zafferi
Giuseppe Zafferri
Managing Director, Italy

As managing director of Italy, Giuseppe Zafferri leads all CA activities in the country. Giuseppe Zafferri has extensive experience in the evaluation and acquisition of real estate opportunities, as well as in project and construction management of complex real estate developments on behalf of primary institutional investors, mainly in residential, offices, retail and hospitality fields. 

Prior to joining CA, Giuseppe Zafferri was the head of acquisition, project and construction management at Eurotekna. He contributed to the significant growth of the group between 2010 and 2019. Under his responsibility, a large number of single assets and portfolios were completely and deeply analyzed from technical, economic, financial, commercial, and legal points of view, and directly submitted to the Investors Committees, for a total asset value in excess of $2 billion.

Giuseppe earned an MSc in Building Architecture and Building/​Civic Engineering at Politecnico de Milano in Milan. He also earned his Business Management Certification from FCMT- SDA Bocconi.